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Similar spirit: Emily Brontë's English Heath and Homely Hearth & Morocco's People

maandag 13 november 2017
Deze blog werd geschreven door een van onze lezers. Wil je zelf ook beginnen bloggen in onze community, ga dan meteen aan de slag.
  • "The Wren in my Garden. Original painting by Leta Nicholson, collection of the author.

“Liberty was the breath of Emily’s nostrils; without it she perished. The change from her own home to a school, and from her own very noiseless, very secluded, but unrestricted and inartifical mode of life to one of disciplined routine... was what she failed in enduring. Her nature proved here too strong for her fortitude. Every morning when she woke, the vision of home and the moors rushed on her, and darkened and saddened the day that lay before her. Nobody knew what ailed her but me - I knew only too well. In this struggle her health was quickly broken: her white face, attenuated form and failing strenght threatened rapid decline. I felt in my heart she would die if she did not go home, and with this conviction obtained her recall.”

(Text written by Emily’s Sister, Charlotte, to be found in the introduction of many a good edition of “Wuthering Heights”. Like in mine, done by Katherine Frank, @ Everyman’s Library, 1991.)